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Issue: WIN19#94

HBR ONPOINT are single-theme collections of both classic and recent articles written by some of the world's leading management scholars and practitioners. The editors of HBR handpick each article for its relevance and insight. To help busy managers quickly absorb and apply the concepts, these collections also include short summaries ("Idea in Brief"), plus suggestions for further reading. It will help you meet, or even exceed, growth goals during economically uncertain times. Learn how to analyze slowdowns in growth and declining sources of revenue with the goal of driving improvements in strategy. Read about turnaround situations that speak to the specific kinds of leadership required to heal and accelerate growth in ailing companies. Gain insight into the perennial challenge of balancing the tension between performance and people. Zero in on tactics for customer satisfaction,differentiation through value-added services, and managing your brand - efforts that could propel your business to the next level despite an inhospitable economic environment.

Published quarterly.

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