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Art / Culture / Fashion

Issue: 2018#3

FFF is the world's dishiest food and fashion magazine, prepared with love by Zac Bayly, designer Stacia Hadiutomo, and friends.

FFF ZINE ISSUE THREE featuring the phenomenal Japanese actor, sword fighter and food fanatic RINKO KIKUCHI collaged by Kalen Hollomon in Chanel. What’s inside? Entertain like an early oughts celebrity with Chelsea Fairless of @everyoutfitonsatcz. Stoya’s NYC with Tim Barber. Cake decorating with SSION. Dipping stuff in chocolate with Torbjorn Rodland and Kriss Harvey. Genius chef Angela Dimayuga and her bestie Humberto Leon in conversation by Myla Dalbesio. To Ireland with Celestine Cooney and Jacob Lillis. Slaughtering lambs in the French countryside with super-stylist Charlotte Collet. Lexie Smith’s snake and bread by David Brandon Geeting. Moncler by Paolo Di Lucente and James Valeri. Domestic camouflage with Tii_dol. A study of the word’s most beautiful vegetable (??) with Luis Venegas and Leo Rydell Jost. Edward Crutchley by Josh Hight and Sarah Aphrodite by Lia Clay. Recommendations from Raven Smith, Eric Wareheim and Matthew Adams Dolan. The future of food with Sean Raspet.

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