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Art / Culture / Fashion

Issue: 2018#2

The Know made its debut in February 2015 with a limited print run. A cultural almanac, The Know features submissions by and profiles on established and up-and-coming figures in art, photography, fashion, lifestyle, health, beauty and many more categories. It will be released annually as a guide to influencers and relevancy, serving as a legend for the map of the year ahead.

Over 160 pages, The Know is unlike any other creative publication ever released. It defies conventional publishing boundaries and resurrects the original almanac concept with modern innovation and forecasting. It takes a deeply explorative approach to creativity, inspiration and phenomena, both normal and extraordinary.

The Know’s focus is on the people and perspectives that are forming the next wave of cultural significance. “Our mission is to be totally inclusive to all readers as a source of ideas and originality for anyone who is looking for it- strong editorial content, beautiful imagery and big notions,” explains editor-in-chief Masha Orlov.

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