Food & Drink

Issue: 2022#26

Bread (in all its lovely forms) is having a well-deserved moment in the spotlight, and we're here for it. The success of our first issue of Bread Recipes demonstrated how popular the skill (and art) of bread making has become in recent years, so we\u2019re following it up with our second issue featuring new recipes and fresh techniques. We're taking a closer look at all the ways you can use your sourdough starter, from focaccia and pizza crust to biscuits and sweet rolls. We also love digging back through the Better Homes & Gardens vintage recipes to find the best from past generations' potato bread and rolls, caraway-rye loaves, golden wheat bread, and more. Other features include quick breads, French-inspired breads (baguettes and brioche!), autumn-themed goodies, breakfast bread faves, and ways to use the beloved milk bread formula for other recipes (think cinnamon rolls, loaves, and pull apart bread).

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