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Architecture & Design

Issue: #10

LAGOM is a publication about people making a living from their passions, and pastime activities that offer inspiration.

In this issue, we look into alternative methods and processes of making work fit around personal needs by speaking with creatives such as Jono Smart, a Glasgow-based independent potter, and Emily Fischer, of Brooklyn-based Haptic Labs. For Jono, while creating his earthenware, he found it was possible to recover from the depression that had blighted him for years. For Emily, stepping back from working long hours allowed her to spend more time with her young daughter while pursuing her passions by running her own business.

‘Going against the grain’ is a common Lagom theme, but you’ll find extensive evidence of an independent approach to work and life throughout this issue. From The Drifter — a former motel in a traditionally rough part of New Orleans — to Kokko in Stavanger — which combines a coffee shop, coffee roastery, and architecture studio — to Prague-based Haenke — a botanical lab, education platform, arts space, and concept store — a passion for the unexpected is everywhere. Published Bi-Annually.

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