B Magazines

Issue: #34

This month, Magazine B talks about the German camera brand Leica.

As many of are well aware, Leica is a special brand which makes expensive compact cameras sought after by all photographers, both amateur and professional. With the decline of film and the rise of digital, many businesses in the photography industry, including Leica, found themselves facing significant challenges. Leica, however, adopted Panasonic's digital technology to introduce new products, and has continually worked to strengthen its presence in the digital market. The value of the Leica brand seemed to have been proved when Leica and Panasonic launched identical cameras, differentiated only by slightly different logos and designs, and more people went for the Leica. It must have taken an extraordinary effort for the camera brand that invented the 35 mm compact and introduced photography to the general public to maintain its reputation in the digital segment.

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