Issue: #04

There's no other band like Iron Maiden. It’s not just the music (as fantastic as it is) or the album covers or the stage shows (though you’d be hard pressed to find anyone else with a mascot as enduring as Eddie) or even the incredible universe they’ve willed into being over the last 40 years. Though, of course, all of those stand as a measure of their achievements. No, what truly sets Iron Maiden apart has been their amazing ability to connect with successive generations in a way that other bands don’t. Whether you came on board in the late 70s with The Soundhouse Tapes, in the midst of their imperial height in the 80s or during their incredible post-millennial resurgence, the Maiden you first banged your head to are the one that has stuck with you. You don’t get into Maiden for nostalgia – you get into Maiden because the albums they make now as are vital as the albums they made back then. For me, it was the Maiden Japan EP back in the early 80s that hooked me in as a schoolkid. The cover was the first thing I noticed – of course it was! It was Eddie with a Samurai Sword! – but that would have been nothing without the music to back it up. That same story has been repeated down the years – for some it’s Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son or Dance Of Death, for others it’s Fear Of The Dark or The Book Of Souls. Whichever version of Maiden you hear first, that’s your Maiden. We’re celebrating that timeless legacy in this special one-off magazine, which collects the best interviews and features from the pages of Classic Rock and Metal Hammer magazines. We follow the band from their earliest days on the London pub circuit to the triumphs of the 80s right up to the present day, where they stand as the most iconic and enduring metal band on the planet. So whichever Iron Maiden is your Iron Maiden, there’s something here for you. As somebody once said: Oh well, wherever you are, Iron Maiden’s going to get you, no matter how far…

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