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Issue: #19

A Collaboration between acclaimed photographer, Stephanie Siân Smith and featuring models, Lily Jean Bridger, Charle Barker and Lily Newmark. Moonshine & Honey is a collection of images and text inspired by the Greek islands and the mythology that originated there. The project started as an organic collection of images Stephanie shot whilst travelling in Greece.

The zine has been curated by art director James-Lee Duffy and connected through an original narrative composed for this project by Virago author Lauren Berry. The work is about love, beauty and freedom. But in exploring these themes each player found out more about what makes them tick. Lily Jean Bridger and Charlie Barker had recently fallen in love, and rekindled a previously dwindling love of modelling thanks to Steph who never puts down her camera, especially when travelling. Lily Newmark’s relationship with the camera had changed fundamentally, and she returned to the UK devoted to acting. Lauren Berry’s prose was initially inspired by Greek myths and gods, and further fuelled by meeting with Lily and Charlie who she found inspirational. Known for satirical feminist zine KnockBack, Lauren worried about working with models and nudes, but through their meetings was inspired to produce a piece that celebrated their intelligence, generosity, authenticity, passion and ferocity. What started as a playful shoot about love manifested, through conversation and collaboration, into an exhibition, a zine, and a collectively fused body of work.

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