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Issue: #01

ORLANDO describes itself as a promoter of beauty in its whole multitude of forms: figurative arts, literature, music, philosophy and theatre. Each issue places artists at the very center of its focus and offers exclusive and commissioned artworks, such as the paintings of hyper-Realist artists like Miriam Escofet and Surrealist artists like visionary Luigi Serafini. The first issue of Orlando has been inspired by the valiant knight, Orlando Furioso, created by Ludovico Ariosto in the 16th century. Our editorial retraces his story in a highly contemporary key. Inside this issue you will find hyper-Realist artists like Miriam Escofetas well as Surrealist and visionary artists like Luigi Serafini. Melissa Forti’s delights will whet your appetites, the scent from the history of perfume in both Italy and France will inebriate you and the musical notes created by Stefano Fasce will be accompanying you on a multi-sensorial journey which will satiate your senses of sight, smell, taste and hearing.

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