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Women's Interest

Issue: #02

See. Hear. Act. C. This is what Shado means, the acronym that gives the name to the magazine founded in 2019 by Hannah Robathan and Isabella Pearce with the declared aim of amplifying the voice of those who fight in the front line for political, social and cultural change. The magazine, and the online platform that is its corollary, was born from the need to put online the many small voices that, in the most diverse fields, fight alongside those on the margins of society, shouting loudly for more protection and rights. At the base there is the idea that behind every protest movement prevails culture and creativity and that only by capturing the voice of these creative communities is it possible to inspire and stimulate real change. Shado thus becomes a collective organism, a network of people engaged in cultivating a culture-driven system change, a way to celebrate the myriad ways in which creatives, researchers and activists are using their talents to shine the spotlight on marginalized issues around the world.

ISSUE 2 - Global Womxnhood The second issue of Shado unites and celebrates the work and voices of women around the world, exploring what it means to be a woman in different parts of the world. The aim of the issue is not only to broaden definitions and interpretations of being a woman, but also and above all to highlight the different global movements that highlight the injustices and human rights violations affecting women and girls.

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