Issue: JAN/FEB21

This issue of National Geographic Traveller (UK) celebrates the reasons we choose to travel. We asked Pico Iyer, Levison Wood, Christina Lamb, William Dalrymple, Emily Chappell, Robert Macfarlane, Ade Adepitan, Felicity Aston and many more household names to reveal the places they hold dearest and the travel experiences that have shaped their lives.

Whether it’s a wild encounter, a meeting with someone new, or simply a moment of realisation that your place in the world isn’t quite what you thought it was, travel has the potential to profoundly change each of us. As part of this issue’s cover story, their collection of stories — spanning destinations as diverse as Delhi, Tibet, Afghanistan Alaska, Botswana and the UK — is testimony to the transformative, magical power of travel.

Plus, we discover Ireland’s storied southwestern peninsulas, round up some of the best experiences across the Indian Ocean, spend a long weekend in the Brecon Beacons and explore Cyprus’s culinary prowess in the changing coastal city of Limassol. Our photo story looks at the time-honoured leathercraft tradition in Marrakech, weaving through the souks and tanneries. Meanwhile, urban stories this issue include Bilbao, Saint-Tropez and Mumbai.

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